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Winter Weather in Colorado: Seven Safety Tips to Enjoy the Season

Winter in Colorado attracts snow enthusiasts from all over the world and those of us who call Colorado home know why. There’s just something magical about the Rockies in the Winter. Whether you’re enjoying the lights downtown Denver or hitting the slopes at Breck, all that beauty comes with some challenges to be aware of. With these tips and the right insurance coverage, you’ll be set to play safely all season long.

  1. Winter Driving - You may be a skilled winter driver and have been driving in the snow your entire life, but remember, there are others on the road that aren’t as well versed. Slow down for the conditions and stay alert of others on the road.

  2. Be Prepared - Keep an emergency kit in your car so you’re prepared for yourself and others. Keep a blanket, water and gloves in the car. Make sure you’ve got good tires and consider snow tires or traveling with chains. Also keep an eye on that gas gauge and fill up before you need to. Winter brings different variables to your travel plans. Don’t let that empty light be one of them.

  3. Ice on Walkways - We all know someone who’s taken a fall on an icy sidewalk or parking lot. Make sure to clear and salt walkways around your house and/or business and wear proper shoes for the weather.

  4. Play Safe - Wear proper attire for your outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking, sledding or skiing, prepare for the unexpected! Wear a helmet, make sure someone knows where you are and bring water.

  5. Winterizing Your House - After the recent temps, if you haven’t done this already, you’re probably already paying the consequences. Make sure outdoor faucets and pipes are insulated and leave a small drip to help prevent freezing pipes. Have your HVAC serviced and keep your thermostat set to 65 degrees or higher. And don’t forget to check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

  6. Pet Safety - If it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s probably too cold for your dog. Don’t leave animals out any longer than necessary and consider waterproof wear and booties for walks and outdoor play time. Check paws when you go inside and rinse with warm water. The chemicals in ice melt can cause serious injury and even poison your dog if they’re licking their paws from the irritation.

  7. Know Your Insurance Coverage - Things happen! And with winter weather, the likelihood of that increases. Know your coverage and keep your insurance agent’s info readily available.

Are you a Colorado native or winter enthusiast? What are your top tips for enjoying all Colorado has to offer this season?

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