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Home Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters

Whether you embrace Halloween full tilt by dressing up as your favorite superhero and handing out the full-size candy bars or turn off your lights and retreat to the bedroom to watch a movie with headphones on, get ready because Halloween is right around the corner. Perhaps it’s the full moon or the fact that costumes provide anonymity, but crime rates double on October 31st. Most crimes are of the “trick” variety, with garden gnomes being tossed in pools, pumpkins getting terrorized, car break-ins, and general debauchery towards your property. We don’t want to spook you, so here are a few tips to help minimize your risk so you and the neighbor kids can be safe this Halloween.

  1. Stay home. If you do go out, ask a neighbor to keep a watch on your house and pick up any spare keys you have hidden under the mat.

  2. Light it up! Prevent little goblins from tripping over uneven pavement or steps by making sure your front yard is well-lit. Masks can inhibit sight, so be careful where you place your decorations and make sure the path to your door is clear.

  3. Keep your pets indoors and be aware that they may be frightened by costumes and all the extra activity. Even familiar neighbors can be scary to a dog when in disguise.

  4. Put your car in the garage. If that’s not possible, make sure you have removed anything valuable, lock it up, and activate the alarm.

  5. Garage lawn mowers, barbeques, bicycles, and lawn ornaments. Tricksters are known to relocate or vandalize objects left around your property.

  6. We are used to seeing our first Colorado snow right before Halloween so, be sure to clear a path for trick or treaters and have that ice melt ready.

  7. Organize a neighborhood “Witch Watch” to help guard your community against vandals.

Here’s to a safe and happy Halloween!

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