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9 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

The winter months may bring harsh weather, power outages and higher energy costs to your home. Properly preparing your house and your yard for winter can help keep you safe and warm during inclement weather.

  1. Test your home's heating system. Replace your filters in your forced air system.

  2. Clean your roof and gutters of leaves and needles. Clean up tree branches, leaf and needle debris close to your home.

  3. Prepare for snow removal. Renew and pay your snow removal contract. If you handle your own snow removal, check fuel level in the snow blower. Make sure snow shovels, rakes and ice scrapers are easily accessible. Purchase snow melt for walkways. Keep walkways clear and salted. If someone slips on your property, it could be a liability.

  4. Avoid frozen pipes and costly repairs. Keep the thermostat around 68 degrees. Water pipes outside the home should be insulated.

  5. If you heat with wood, clean your chimney and order firewood for the season. Choose a dry area away from the home to store the wood, bringing in just what you need day to day.

  6. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.Consider replacing with 10-year sealed battery smoke and CO detectors.

  7. Consider upgrading windows for better insulation. Notice where there might be cold air coming through doorways and windows.

  8. Cover or store your patio furniture. While patio furniture is designed to be outdoors, winter weather can damage your furniture if you don't take the proper precautions.

  9. If you have a generator, plan to have it serviced prior to the winter. You'll want to make sure it’s in running order, before you need it! .


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