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5 Tips for a More Sustainable Road Trip

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

As you begin to make travel plans, here are some action items to prepare before you set out on the open road. A little more planning can ensure a safer and more enjoyable road trip.

1. Map out your journey.

Before you embark, take a look at the best routes to get where you are going. Some navigation apps even factor in roadwork. You will save time, avoid traffic and your vacation will be more fuel efficient. Given fuel prices today, every mile matters!

2. Tune up your vehicle.

Have your tires rotated, oil changed, fluid levels and belts checked before you take off. This will guarantee a safer and more comfortable trip.

3. Stay local.

Book a staycation, stay closer to home and check out the sights nearby. In Colorado we have no shortage of those. You’ll likely find quieter destinations and be able to experience the road less traveled. You might be surprised at the beautiful sights within a few hours of your hometown.

4. Watch your speedometer.

Use cruise control to maintain your speed and increase fuel economy. Bonus - It’ll likely save you from a speeding ticket. Note: DO Not use cruise control when it is raining or on wet pavements.

5. Plan for food and beverages to save time and money.

Pack a cooler, sustainable flatware, refillable water bottles/coffee cups. This will cut down on waste and time spent searching for a fast casual restaurant during the drive.

And a quick reminder to leave no trace, be courteous to other drivers and support local businesses as you travel.

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