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A little thing called life (insurance): June 2021

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

A digestible series on commonly asked questions about life insurance.

Will life insurance cover an overdose?

Life insurance covers death due to natural causes. It will also payout to your beneficiaries if you die from a motor vehicle accident, drowning, poisoning, accidental drug overdose, or another tragedy. Accidental deaths are sometimes investigated before life insurance is paid out depending on the circumstances. Typically after the 1st two years, life insurance will likely payout even if the death is deemed a suicide.

Will life insurance cover Covid deaths?

Yes. There might be additional questions regarding if the insured traveled abroad. Assuming you were truthful about your travel plans during the application process, it is unlikely to be an issue.


Pamela D. Warrior

Regional Director, Life & Financial Services

Hi! I am Pamela Warrior, your Life Insurance and Financial Services Director at the Purcell Insurance Agency. I have spent over 15 years honing my skills to assist families with life insurance, retirement strategies, and general investments. I love working with all stages of life, from young families eager to start planning for their future to CEOs strategizing their career exit and retirement distribution. This work is incredibly important to me and I take your family's future to heart. To learn more, I invite you to click contact us or call my office number at 303.973.8341. I look forward to it.

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