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Life Insurance Milestone: Dropping your kid of at college

Here we are at another milestone...dropping off our college students. There are several reasons to consider life insurance:


Most students must pay all or at least part of the tuition with loans. Loans that unfortunately must be repaid. Depending on the type of loan, it might be waived if the unforeseen occurs; however, the majority of the time, that responsibility lands at the feet of the co-signer; most likely a parent.


While not common, it is not completely uncommon to have a marriage or even a child during their college tenure. If something unforeseen happened to your student, life insurance could still pay off loans, any additional financial responsibilities, and potentially a nest egg for the remaining family.


College tuition is not always paid by loans. It is often paid by a loan from your 401k, equity in your home, selling stocks, etc. Life insurance can protect your own future should something unforeseen happen.

If your student is healthy and a non-smoker, a $350k 10-year term could be less than $15/mo. If there are health concerns, they smoke or vape, have driving violations, let's chat. We can find something that makes the most sense for your family. If your student is out of state, that is not a problem. Their main home address is still yours in Colorado and that's the important piece. We can work through everything else together.


Pamela D. Warrior

Regional Director, Life & Financial Services

Hi! I am Pamela Warrior, your Life Insurance and Financial Services Director at the Purcell Insurance Agency. I have spent over 15 years honing my skills to assist families with life insurance, retirement strategies, and general investments. I love working with all stages of life, from young families eager to start planning for their future to CEOs strategizing their career exit and retirement distribution. This work is incredibly important to me and I take your family's future to heart. To learn more, I invite you to click contact us or call my office number at 303.973.8341. I look forward to it.

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